Pivoting When Life Makes Other Plans

Launch Drama & How We're Coping With It

Creating and launching a new company, product or service is one of the most exciting things a person can do. Some of us may get more of a creative charge out of it than others – as a creative, I really enjoy seeing everything come together from a lot of disparate tasks and pieces into a cohesive vision. So that is why, when I learned I had Covid last weekend, with bridal show a week later where the mobile bar and our special order tableware would be on display, my heart just sank.

Will I be negative by the event? Will I still be coughing?? Will I be able to do the table inside still... I could blow off the giant arch and keep it simpler??? Tons of questions have been on my mind and as the week goes on, I've had to simplify and change our plans more and more.

Being part of a vendor event takes a lot more than people see when they are at your table for 2-4 minutes or grabbing a sample and flyer. We have spent every day since picking up the trailer getting ready for this show, since it's the first time people can see it and we will be available for bookings March 1st. Insurance, bartender prep, batch mocktail recipes, ordering fake liquor, cups, the coffee and preparing plans for 5 mocktail samples with final shopping list of fresh produce and juices needed.... and that is just one aspect of the the show prep.

I had trailer decals planned that aren't going to be on yet, we have shirts being made that aren't done yet and only 2 of our aprons and business cards are in. Our poor PR specialist has been waiting on me to work with her. Then there is the website which had to be finished as folks who meet us at the show need a place for more info plus signage and handouts. We offer a loung where people can sit and visit - decor had to be figured out. I had ordered hundreds of dollars of tableware samples and prepared them which now won't be at the show - I have decided I just can't do the indoor table. You can see them online here however. My house, garage and trailer all have things that need to be packed up to take, which now I am not touching and will sanitize before moving them, just in case.

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While all this has been going on, we have applied for our first liquor license... a temporary permit for Square Fair in May. This has its own set of hoops to jump through, so glad to learn about it all early and the State and the City are being super helpful. We have some events out of town people asked us to come to as a vendor so making those plans, and we are going into the balloon business on top of it all, because darn it, we need festive balloons locally available. Tami, Rhonda, Abbe and I are really excited about the future of Party Like an Animal, where we plan to add more and more services over time, all related to our favorite thing: parties and events. But first.. I have to get over this awful Covid business.

So bottom line... some of us will be on site at the show with our cute little horse trailer, serving up mocktails and coffee! We will also have an infused water station inside, and some balloon columns as you enter the barn. I hope you'll stop by the trailer and say howdy, and have a wonderful event if you are attending or if you are a vendor. And I will see you next year at the barn!

If you want to book our mobile bar for your wedding, just add your name to the signup sheet at the trailer or use the form here, and I will be in touch soon to discuss all the details. It would be our honor to celebrate the day with you. ❤️