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  • Wild & Free Mobile Wedding Bar

    Unforgettable wedding bar experiences with attention to detail, style & service.

  • Our all-inclusive service allows you to enjoy mingling with your guests instead of worrying about the drinks, dealing with running out of ice, or fretting about whether people are having a good time and enough to drink. It all starts with our Classic Wedding Package, with optional Extras.

    The Setup

    • Unlimited consultation and menu planning
    • Select from several bar options to coordinate with your style and venue
    • Custom bar styling - we want to understand your wedding style so we can dress the bar or trailer to match
    • 2 Bartenders (or more depending on guest count)
    • 2-4 hours Setup & Cleanup (or whatever it takes!)
    • Attractive Bar Tools, Ice, Bins, Dispensers and Pitchers
    • Kansas Catering & Liquor Licenses
    • General & Liquor Liability Insurance

    The Drinks

    • Special garnishes: various fruit, flowers, herbs, picks in attractive garnish holders
    • All mixers, syrups, bitters, extra ingredients needed for signature drinks
    • Alcohol: all the beers, wines, liquors needed for the menu
    • Alcohol-alternatives to make zeroproof mocktails
    • Sodas, Poppi, Juices, Coffee - other options to drink
    • Custom Drink Menu Signage
    • Disposable cups and straws suitable for the event and menu
    • Straws and Napkins that complement the drinks and wedding theme
  • The Extras

    • Tossware Reserve Tritan acrylic glassware available - stemless Martini and Wine glasses, stemmed Wine and Champagne, Beer tumblers and attractive Old Fashioned options are safe for guests and bartenders yet provide an elevated experience like real glassware offers.
    • Champagne Service - we have a gorgeous silver champagne chiller, use flowers or floral ice cubes and greenery, and can get the champagne of your choice as an upgrade. Cost varies based on champagne selection. We use our Tossware Reserve Tritan stemmed champagne glasses or disposable stemless flutes, unless you want to provide glassware.
    • Hydration Station - picture infused Spring water filled with fruit, veggies and herbs, pretty cups and self-serve ice bucket on a separate table setup convenient to your guests. We can also add iced tea or lemonade to this station, so cost varies based on what you'd like here. This station is really helpful to keep bar traffic manageable and serve non-drinkers or people who have been drinking and dancing are are craving some fresh iced water.
    • Wild Mary Bar OR Mimosa Bar - we set up a special area for serving the most decadent and fun Bloody Mary's (even a zeroproof option!) or beautiful flavored Mimosas. These are fun areas for guests because there is an interactive element of creating your own drink. For the Bloody Mary bar we bring a variety of vodkas: Bacon, Duffy's Run and Pickle Shots. For a zeroproof version we bring Ritual 'Gin.' We also bring the most fun garnishes so people can select how they want their drink dressed: bacon, beef sticks, celery, shrimp, mini corn, olives, pickles, tomato, onion, and more. For the Mimosa bar we bring one type of wine or Prosecco, and 3-4 different juices, such as orange, grapefruit, cranberry, guava, peach nectar or pomegranate. We bring pretty flowers and/or berries for garnish as well as Jardin infusions like rose and honeysuckle. It's a very pretty experience.
    • Flavored Margarita OR Mojito Bar - Another interactive experience for guests with focus on Margaritas in various flavors or Mojitos. Using our slush machine we can add a frozen option to this fun specialty bar experience too! Using a variety of fruits mashed with special syrups we create drinks that suit your guests unique tastes. Flavors like blackberry sangria, desert pear, pineapple chipotle, wild strawberry, mango, french raspberry and watermelon are popular choices. We will also bring our Ritual Zeroproof 'Tequila' and 'Rum' to make non-alcoholic versions, leaving no guest behind.
    • Hot Cocoa OR Hot Cider Bar - Seasonally, we can transform or horse trailer or bar into a Hot Cocoa or Cider bar. We have the most amazing cider offering in cold or hot that features infused Apple Crown Royal for tons of extra flavor. Our Hot Cocoa is made from scratch and we bring flavors for people to add as well as marshmallows, whipped cream and fun garnishes to sprinkle on top.
  • Choose Your Bar Style

    We have several bar options to choose from. Our adorable converted 1988 horse trailer has some seasonal limitations, as during the worst winter months we cannot use the sink and you would not want guest trudging out in the snow or rain to get drinks. But if you have a covered area or large barn we could drive into, it could work in cold weather.

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    Horse Trailer

    Our charming vintage 1988 horse trailer is used to serve hundreds of people but we sometimes need to add additional stations for large weddings. Equipped with a sink and double bars, two bartenders easily work inside the trailer and it provides fun photo opps for bride, groom & guests.


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    Linen Bar

    We use 6 and 4 foot banquet tables with nice linens and can get any color or type needed to match your event. We can decorate and serve beautifully from these portable tables, and make a variety of layouts to fit the room. They also provide room for storage underneath.
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    Venue Bar

    If your venue has a fabulous bar we can use, then great! We can set up indoors or outdoors using your venue's bar, like this one at Sycamore Creek Ranch in Branson. We may need to bring extra tables if the bar is extremely small, or make use of some of the venue kitchen or a closet for storage.
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    Rustic/Industrial Bar (soon)

    In 2024 we will launch an all-new bar experience that can be set up indoors or outdoors. Think rustic elegance with a touch of European old-world sophistication. We can't wait to show you this new bar setup, which is perfect for everything from an outdoor garden party to a glam industrial loft or even a castle.
  • Let''s talk about your event!

    Tell us about your event – we will get in touch quickly to discuss it.

  • Want More Information?

    Every event has unique elements involved, so we need to do a proposal specific for your occasion, but here is a brochure you can download with different price examples in it to give you an idea of our process and cost. Contact us to get a proposal for your event!