Infusions... because life is better with a lot of flavor!

Nature is full of beauty, and we have become enamored with how we can use natural ingredients to enhance our cocktails and mocktails. We love to do infused spring water for private events. Guests are so delighted by the creative choices in front of them and they raved about our self-service station at the Troyer Barn's bridal fair.

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Our latest focus is around alcohol - and even non-alcoholic alternatives infused with dried fruit, herbs, spices, sugars and even edible flowers. We love to layer flavors in our drinks and so doing this in the alcohol and then making drinks from this newly flavored spirit is right up our alley. So much so, we are planning our entire menu around becoming a full-blown Infusion Bar for the Fall Chick Event in October. And... drumroll please... we are happy to announce we are working on an Infusion Bar online shopping experience so you can make these fun drinks from home. Here's a small peek at what is coming soon. We can't wait to fill the store with these goodies and test our recipes for the show. Here are some of the initial brands we have ordered from...

Boozy Babes Two Sisters Infusion Co.

Boozy Babes has incredible combinations that we cannot wait to taste for ourselves. We are building the Fall Chick menu around their infusions. With flavors like Autumn Crisp, Strawberry Basil Lemon, Monkey Business (banana!) and S'mores, just to name a few, we think you will love the recipes we create for cocktails and mocktails with these infusions and we will include recipes with your orders.

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Lou's Libations

This groovy company makes us want to throw a retro bash and invite all our friends. We've ordered Rosemary's Paloma & Cancun Kick so we have some good infusion options for tequila. You can bet our beloved Patrónfa will soon be nestled inside these fun jars, while we stare at them waiting for the magic to happen. :-)d

vs will soon be nestled inside these fun jars, while we stare at them waiting for the magic to happen. :-)

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This company has some gorgeous, giftable products in the form of infused sugar cubes. To be honest we can't wait to get the order in and grab a bottle of champagne and enjoy these. To give you a sneak peek of one of the products, check out this adorable gift set of three different flavors. Drop, stir, enjoy!

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We hope you will enjoy these products and can't wait to show off some fun new recipes with them!