Little Ole' Horse Trailer Comes Home

Meet the Wild & Free Vintage Mobile Bar!

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As is my way, I have done an unusual thing, if you know that I am a city girl especially. I somehow became enamored with the romanticism of the mobile bar that is becoming more and more popular all the time.

So after doing a little research and seeing that I could have one built on Etsy, out of various places, I stumbled on one already built on Facebook Marketplace, and told my husband I wanted to buy it. Of course, he just kind of wrote it off as a lark, so imagine his surprise when I came home from the bank and said I needed his help to go get it later that week!

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Our little bar will make it's debut at the Troyer's Prairie Gold wedding venue for a Bridal Fair on February 19th. If you're in the area we hope you can stop by and say howdy. We will also be doing a more proper photoshoot with it opened up soon so people can see what we have to offer.