• Signature Drinks

    We love fanciful, unique, pretty, over-the-top, festive drinks. End of story.

  • Whether smoky, spicy, fruity, sparkly or floral, creating something unique to fit the theme and mood of the moment is what people enjoy most about our service. We use top shelf mixers, syrups, shrubs, liquors, zeroproof alcohol substitutes, fruits, flowers, herbs, bitters and spices for curated cocktails and mocktails that complement your event. Our slush is never just made with water and a simple mix... we use mix that offers real fruit and juices and then add layers of flavors with additional ingredients to turn them into unique frozen drinks, adding liquor separately in many cases so they can be a cocktail or mocktail.


    Below we have a few samples from the many drinks we have created. We will try to be better in 2024 about taking more drink pictures!